Vagrant Cookbook

Vagrant Cookbook is an e-book (available on LeanPub) that provides a practical guide to Vagrant and its most used provisioners - Puppet, Chef and Ansible, including also the new features released with Vagrant 1.5.

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PHPBenelux conference 2015

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How to: Arduino Pomodoro Timer - part 1/2

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I found Wonderland. Hint: it's in Germany

In 2013 I went to Hamburg with my Husband as he was attending a conference - called CCC,  Chaos Communication Congress . Happening since 1984, the conference is organized by the Chaos Computer Club, characterized as… read more

Using Phansible to provision a remote PHP server

Phansible is an open source project that provides an easy web interface to create Ansible provisionings for PHP based projects. Although the project is more focused on development environments with Vagrant, it's quite … read more

Configuring SSH server access for Ansible

This post is a practical guide on how to configure your SSH server access to use Ansible in the simplest and most efficient way. This practical guide will show how to setup SSH keys for a server/VPS so you can use … read more